Sussex here I come!

Today I took the day of college and headed down to Sussex University; the day confirmed all my previous suspicions… Sussex really is the place to be :D. It’s a campus University the location is absolutely gorgeous, it’s surrounded by the green downs and is officially the sunniest campus in the UK; the sun makes me a very happy chappy :P. We had a few talks from the staff, and a very charismatic member of the student union, then a tour around the place. The accommodation looks nice enough, although I do find the concept of sharing toilets and showers a little bit scary :S. Then after some excellent talks by the department that really buzzed me up, we went into Brighton. It is the only city I’ve ever seen that comes close to my beloved Cambridge (which I always said I’d never leave :P) and it’s just 10 minutes by train, 20 by bus. I’m so excited I want to get out there now! No offense to Mum and Dad I have loved my time at home 😀