I went for my first laser hair removal session today… Mum was right, it hurts, it really hurts! I was in there for an hour and a half. The legs didn’t hurt very much, but apparently my hair might have been too blonde 🙁 However, the bikini, and armpits definately worked. I have never felt pain like that before in my entire, short life. It felt like someone was ripping off my skin and burning it, apparently I went really pale… all I know is i thought i was going to embarrass myself and start crying haha. It’s worth it though, I imagine waxing for a life time would be just as painful.

Zappy-zappy, bye-byes

Today I went for my first laser hair removal consultation. I didn’t actually lose any hair this time; they just checked out my skin, and went over a few questions (I had to sign a form saying I fully understood my beard would never grow back 😛 ). I have my first appointment in two weeks. I got myself all worked up about how painful it was going to be, then when she did the test patch… I honestly didn’t feel a thing. Although I’ve since been informed the real hair removal is a lot more painful. Mum even told me the bikini line is worse than childbirth… and I put her into labour for 18 hours *gulp*. At least I’ll never have to hair remove again once it’s over 😀