Ready or not, 8 hours to go!

The Camino starts tomorrow!

This is what Mark and I will be living out of for the next 37 days! We’ve both got one outfit to walk in, and one outfit for the evening. Except I was a bit sneaky and am taking a dress, shorts, t-shirt, and cardigan. My rucksack was unbearably heavy first time trying it on, I had to take it off within 10 minutes! Not a good start, but then realised the heaviest part was all my walking gear, which I won’t be carrying anyway 😀 Mark and I have both snuck a few luxuries in there; I’ve got some make-up and my razor, Mark his book 😛 (Mark isn’t taking his razor so watch out for the beard growth in piccies haha.)

We’re going to be living on around €30 a day, each. Not too bad really, easily manageable. Might even manage to squeeze in a few nights in a hotel; with an actual pillow 😛

Let the adventure begin… 5am tomorrow morning!

We’ll keep you posted.