The Sims 2… a not-so-secret obsession


At the, rather late, age of 13 my 10 year love-affair with Barbie finally died. However, it was soon replaced by an all new, stronger obsession… the Sims; one huge interactive Barbie doll game. Except in this one I could control everything, it looked more realistic, and I felt slightly more mature 😛

Now my Barbie’s could get pregnant, have babies, grow old, climb the career ladder, build houses, and they looked so much more life like. It was not a rare occurrence for me to realise I’d been playing for five hours, even until the early hours of the morning. I downloaded endless material for my new Sims to wear, and have around the house; I labored for hours building villages, towns, restaurants. One of the families I created went through five generations, and I’m only slightly ashamed to say I cried when my first Sim died.

Then a few months ago, disaster struck. I came home, went to the computer and everything was gone; all my families, all my towns, all my hours of hard work, gone. My mum had been trying to find an item on the desktop, it wasn’t there, so she restarted the entire computer. After crying for a few hours and spending several days mourning their loss, I got over it. I decided I was never going to play the Sims again. Losing all that ‘work’ in one small action made me realise how pointless the whole thing had been.

However, with the arrival of my yummy new MacBook I have started day dreaming about it; imagining all the amazing things I could make. Now there are several new expansion packs, the whole thing could be even better! I know soon I will take the plunge back into that virtual world 😛 I’ve just got to hold off my addiction until after exams… I’m already so excited haha 😀