Update, 2nd Oct

Larrasoana- Pamplona 19.5 km

We woke up around 6.30, both incredibly hungry and desperate for a wee (the toilets were in a portacabin outside and neither of us could be bothered to go in the dark :P). Being hungry was rather more of a surprise given our enormous three course meal the night before. The morning was not very enjoyable, as I lost my digital camera; came to the conclusion it had been stolen, and proceeded to be very tearful for the rest of the morning. After having breakfast with Kevin and Joe, and rather embarassingly crying through most of it, Kevin suggested giving my bag a thorough search. So after they´d gone I took out the top bag of my rucksack, opened it, and there it was! I´d looked in that bag four times, and it was the top one of my rucksack which I´d had out during breakfast. Another trick, magical fairies, or me being a blind idiot… who will ever know; all that mattered was I had my camera back, and I could get back to being snap-happy. A now much wiser “Macro-Maverick”, one who doesn´t ever leave her camera lying on a bed under her trousers.

Today´s walking was a bit less enjoyable as my feet were rather sore from yesterday. Luckily though the route was much shorter and we were in Pamplona before we knew it. Which was lucky as we ran out of food and were both absolutely starving. The views were still incredible and many a picture was taken 😀

Tonight is another lovely alberuge in the centre of Pamplona, Mark and I are saving some money and having another picnic instead of eating out. We´re both relaxed, happy and enjoying ourselves. (More than I ever thought would be possible when my legs ache this much, haha).

Next update and piccies coming soon when we get to another internet cafe.

(Apologies for the abrupt finish, my time is running out haha)

Officially the worlds worst cookies… ever

Isla and I had our first attempt at cooking out in Dubai. I had a brilliant idea of making cookies and then cutting them into heartshapes. Well we didn’t have any baking trays so used the cooker trays 😛 , then the mixture was too gooey to use the templates. Then as soon as a i put them in the oven the bottoms burnt and the tops wouldn’t cook… haha oh well. Isla and I still had fun making and eating the raw cookie dough 😛 Isla is a chocolate monster! 😀 This is the recipe, I don’t think that was the problem though.

Here’s a very non-appetising photo:

I think in future I’ll stick to my forte… cakes 😀

My personality and learning style

I took a personality test that Mark found on the net. Here’s my results, I’d say they’re pretty accurate really.

It’s weird how both my personality and learning style are suited to Psychology 😛

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I retook the personality test in a better mood and my results came out rather different :P Just shows how subjective to mood these things really are. I would say I'm more extraverted though, only when I'm in a good mood. Which is rather a lot :P

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The Sims 2… a not-so-secret obsession


At the, rather late, age of 13 my 10 year love-affair with Barbie finally died. However, it was soon replaced by an all new, stronger obsession… the Sims; one huge interactive Barbie doll game. Except in this one I could control everything, it looked more realistic, and I felt slightly more mature 😛

Now my Barbie’s could get pregnant, have babies, grow old, climb the career ladder, build houses, and they looked so much more life like. It was not a rare occurrence for me to realise I’d been playing for five hours, even until the early hours of the morning. I downloaded endless material for my new Sims to wear, and have around the house; I labored for hours building villages, towns, restaurants. One of the families I created went through five generations, and I’m only slightly ashamed to say I cried when my first Sim died.

Then a few months ago, disaster struck. I came home, went to the computer and everything was gone; all my families, all my towns, all my hours of hard work, gone. My mum had been trying to find an item on the desktop, it wasn’t there, so she restarted the entire computer. After crying for a few hours and spending several days mourning their loss, I got over it. I decided I was never going to play the Sims again. Losing all that ‘work’ in one small action made me realise how pointless the whole thing had been.

However, with the arrival of my yummy new MacBook I have started day dreaming about it; imagining all the amazing things I could make. Now there are several new expansion packs, the whole thing could be even better! I know soon I will take the plunge back into that virtual world 😛 I’ve just got to hold off my addiction until after exams… I’m already so excited haha 😀


I went for my first laser hair removal session today… Mum was right, it hurts, it really hurts! I was in there for an hour and a half. The legs didn’t hurt very much, but apparently my hair might have been too blonde 🙁 However, the bikini, and armpits definately worked. I have never felt pain like that before in my entire, short life. It felt like someone was ripping off my skin and burning it, apparently I went really pale… all I know is i thought i was going to embarrass myself and start crying haha. It’s worth it though, I imagine waxing for a life time would be just as painful.

Zappy-zappy, bye-byes

Today I went for my first laser hair removal consultation. I didn’t actually lose any hair this time; they just checked out my skin, and went over a few questions (I had to sign a form saying I fully understood my beard would never grow back 😛 ). I have my first appointment in two weeks. I got myself all worked up about how painful it was going to be, then when she did the test patch… I honestly didn’t feel a thing. Although I’ve since been informed the real hair removal is a lot more painful. Mum even told me the bikini line is worse than childbirth… and I put her into labour for 18 hours *gulp*. At least I’ll never have to hair remove again once it’s over 😀

Religion; the root of all evil?

I don’t know the answer to this question. I don’t believe anyone does.

After watching Richard Dawkins‘ documentary Root of All Evil; followed by an hour in the bath with Oliver James’ book Affluenza, I have been inspired to share my opinion.


Richard Dawkins line in his two part documentary ‘Root of all Evil’ is very much along the lines of yes, religion is the root of all evil. He successfully puts forward an argument about all the dangers of religion such as breeding of prejudices, blind faith, taking away from the truth of science, and down right extremism. He uses examples, which are indeed shocking, such as:

-Yousef Al-Khattab “I hate atheists, because atheists don’t care if people fornicate in the street and they don’t care if their women dress like whores”

– Pastor Ted Haggard claiming homosexuality is a sin, and getting offended that evolution makes his children ‘animals’. He has since admitted to having a 3 year affair with a gay prostitute, and taking crystal meth… great role model.

– James Kopp who killed an American Doctor because he was carrying out abortions.

– Adrian Hawkes who runs a creationist school in England; instead of Science lessons the children read the bible and work out God’s explanation of how the world was created!

All completely ridiculous and great examples of why we should take more steps to out extremism. However, I do not think that these people are a fair representation of religion. I know it would not have made such interesting viewing, but Dawkins includes no examples of the average religious family, leading average lives, causing no harm. I do not agree with his idea that children should be taught the ways of evolution and science to get remove the ‘virus’ of religion. I personally believe that children should be taught all areas and given the right to chose; Dawkins obviously gets his spiritual fulfilment from science and receives comfort from this knowledge. However, everybody on this planet is completely different; to a certain degree everybody is looking for a source of security and explanations, there are those who find it through religion and they should not be denied access. Everybody has the right to chose and I don’t see how Richard Dawkins is much less of a fundamentalist than the people in his documentaries; after all are they not the same in wanting people to subscribe to exculisively their school of thought? I am not saying that he is wrong for believing in evolution, I do too, but science is not sufficient for everybody.

My Grandma, upon hearing my GCSE results, exlaimed “I’m telling you Emily, it was all that praying I did for you. God was listening.”… yes Nanny, it was God, not 2 years of incredibly hard work on my part 😛 . Slighty annoying to get no recognition, yes. The root of all evil, no, it’s just a sweet old lady trying to find some security.