Dad and I had a father-daughter trip to the cinema last night to see Juno. I’d been desperate to see it for ages after hearing it was really funny. It’s received some very mixed reviews on imdb, it wouldĀ appear Juno is a bit like marmite šŸ˜›

juno.JPGjuno.JPGThe Plot: Juno (Ellen Page) is aĀ 16 year old girl who gets pregnant from sitting on a chair… with a boy of course. A very weedy boy, who goes by the name of Bleeker (Michael Cera). At first she plans to have an abortion but then backs out in favour of adoption. She finds a rich ‘perfect’ suburban couple to give her baby to; they are theĀ obsessive-compusive Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) and her suppressed husband Mark (JasonĀ Bateman). After spending time with them Juno accidentaly changes everything…

Ā My Opinion:Ā Parts of the dialogueĀ are painfully unfunny, and a bit try-hard. There are, however, some absolutely hilarious moments. I think Juno’s step-mother and Dad are what make this film a comedy, they delivered some fantastic one liners. Other than that I would give the film about a 7.5, it was a fun easy watch with a really touching story šŸ™‚ Definately worth a look.

Ā If anyone does watch it can you tell me whatĀ  you make of the relationship between Mark and Juno I wasĀ so confused!

The Holiday

Well it hasn’t been all work, work. Infact it’s barely been work, work at all haha :S

Yesterday I watched a film called The Holiday, starring Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. I think I would have to give it about a 7/10


Plot: It’s about two women who are having problems with their love life. Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who lives in LA, has just been cheated on. Iris (Kate Winslet), who lives in a small english village, is in love with a man who is about to get engaged, yet still plays her along. Set during the Christmas period, the two women decide they need to get away and exchange homes. Little do they know the true love they are going to find there (hollywood style of course) haha.

My thoughts: Well there’s a really sweet old man in it played by Eli Wallach, who I would say makes the film worth watching. However, the romance between Iris and Miles (Jack Black) is completely unbelievable and annoying, as are the scenes between Graham (Jude Law) and his children. Overall though it’s an easy, light-hearted, funny film to watch and not a complete waste of time šŸ˜›