Some more funny cultural differences…

I am seeing these left, right and centre haha can´t possibly remember them all but here´s a few:

– I saw an advertisement for a food company called Fanny.. so far I have seen their name on a can of tuna, and a jar of strawberry jam. Hahaha too many jokes too little internet time to make them 😛
– I also saw a frontpage headline on a news stand “Learn the techniques of masturbation with your feet” and no i didn´t misread it!
– I took the bus for the first time 😀 They are all like the old buses from the 1950s with bright cartoons painted on the outside. They ride along with doors open and people whistle from the street and it slows down and they hop on. The first bus we went on, the driver had framed and hung up a picture of his wife and kids, and his kids shoes were hanging from the metal bars 😛 There was also a poster of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue. Then the second bus we took… well that was more Peruvian style. The driver had stuck up pictures of all his favourite pornstars around his window hahaha.
– Yesterday I ate the most enormous slice of chocolate cake you´ve ever seen, from a little shop near mama doris house. I am now cold, sweaty, sleepy and my stomach hurts :´( looks like i am not going to make this trip scott free. Lino says I can expect at least 3 days in the toilet!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Nothing has happened yet, so i still have time. I´ve been downing charcoal tablets and hoping and praying for the best. WISH ME LUCK!