A little laugh for today :)


One of the presents which I brought over from England for the children was a jumbo colouring book. Inside are lots of silly pictures of cute looking animals etc. nothing out of the ordinary. So I decided I would get Mama Doris to go through the book with me and teach me the names of all the animals in Latin American Spanish. All was going very well… until we got to a picture of a turtle sitting on a beach. Mama Doris let out a yelp “¡QUÉ!  ¿QUÉ ES ESO?” I was like “Es tortuga…” She looked at me very concerned and said in all sincerity “¡Aça en Peru, los tortugas NUNCA se sienten, siempre están horizontal!” translates as “Here in Peru, turtles NEVER sit, they are always horizontal!”. After I had finished laughing it took me a while to explain that it was just a cartoon and of course turtles don´t sit up in England either, hahaha ah deary me! Was the same when we got to the fox in clothes, and the tiger that looked like a cat 😛