Wawa Wasi y mis chicititos…

(The Nursery and my little babies)

I have fallen head over heels in love… with eight of the most adorable little babies you have ever seen in your whole life!

The nursery where I´m working is called el Cunitario de Amor (The Love Unit) it´s run by an organisitation called Wawa Wasi who run nurseries in under privileged areas. It´s in an area on the outskirts of Trujillo near the beach, called Buenos Aires. It´s a much poorer area than Monserrate where Mama Doris lives. The roads are just dirt and they are lined with rubbish, stray dogs roam everywhere… much to my fear as I haven´t had the rabies injection :S Most of the houses are very small. Just breeze block buildings with a few rooms and corrugated iron roofs. Cunitario de Amor is just one room, and the wallpaper is plastic sheeting. It is incredibly basic, and everything in it looks ancient. There is a table, a few chairs, a bookshelf full of old toys, a little bed in one corner, and a potty in the other. Yet inside the atmosphere is fantastic!

The first time I stepped into the room eight little grubby faces with enormous eyes all peered up at me… then watched my every move intently with open mouths. For me, well it was love at first sight!

Pamela: She is the eldest at 4 years old, and the life and soul of the nursery. She´s always singing songs and dancing away.
Helen: Is 3, and a bit of a terror 😛 She´s always throwing toys, stealing toys of other kids and hitting them (remind you of anyone else I know…?) Needless to say I took an instant liking to her, she´s also one of the cutest at the nursery!
Jose: Is the funniest little thing, he´s about 2. With a bowl hair cut, and the first time I met him he ran over and hid behind a chair then just peered out at me from under his mop of hair… so cute! He´s constantly trying to escape, so you´ve got to keep an eye on him hahaha. It´s an impossible task though, so it´s mostly just hilarious to watch him try and scramble his way over the baby barrier.
Alexandra: Took and instant affection to me for some reason 🙂 She was crying because her mummy left, she teetered over to me, bawling her eyes out, with her arms outstretched and just fell into my arms… then stayed there for the rest of the day and cried when I went home.
Stephany: Is only one and she just plays by herself all day haha.
Linda: Is gorgeous and carries her absolutely fiflthy doll with her wherever she goes. She mostly just keeps herself to herself and is a bit scared of the other kids but the cutest thing happened…  Jose pushed Linda, so Linda pushed Jose then they both looked up at me with these big innocent eyes, pointed at each other and started crying hahaha. I couldn´t help but burst out laughing.  The kids are always fighting, but I just find it so funny.

Last, but definately not least, is my absolute favourite. I know teachers shouldn´t have favourites, but this little boy made my heart melt the moment I saw him. He is two years old and he´s called Gabriel, he has the biggest pot belly you´ve ever seen, the chubbiest little cheeks, and the biggest eyes. He´s so shy, the other kids are always hitting him and taking his toys and he just looks all upset and confused and does nothing. The moment I walked in the nursery he didn´t take his eyes off me once, but even though I kept smiling at him, he wouldn´t come over. Then eventually he wandered over to me looking very shy and gave me a toy and a hug 🙂 Then my next day at the nursery he literally didn´t leave my side. We danced together, we played ball together… and much to my delight (or not) he always comes to me when he needs to piche. Which basically means i have to hold the potty whilst he wees. It´s quite the even in the nursery, all the kids crowd around and watch. Lets just say Gabriel hasn´t got very good aim, I´m frantically moving the potty around so as not to get piche allover me; meanwhile seven other kids just stand around laughing.

I just love working at the nursery, I´ve been showing the kids all my 70s dance moves. They literally were rolling on the floor laughing haha. They also keep asking me “Que tienes en su cara??” (Whats that on your face). They´ve never seen freckles before 😛 they keep trying to touch them and asking if they hurt haha. I find it near to impossible to understand a word they say, baby talk is hard enough in english but we can still play and laugh together 😀 I´ll try and take some photos soon so you can see for yourselfs just how adorable they are, but I´m scared of getting mugged for my camera out in Buenos Aires 😛