Mama Doris, su familia y su casa…

(Mummy Doris, her family, and her house)

Mama Doris lives in Urbanizacion Monserratte, it´s about a 10 minute walk from the centre of Trujillo and completely different to it! Most of the buildings are unfinished, like the builders just took a hike half way through… but the people moved in and started living there anyway haha. There are trees and flowers everywhere, it´s so beautiful, and the sun is always shining! I arrived under the cover of darkness and everything looked a lot different. The first thing I saw was a lady with a bicycle riffling through rubbish, then another lady with a bicycle full of rubbish cycled past, under all the rubbish was a little baby covered in fiflth peering out. Then we walked up to Mama Doris´house… which is about the size of a small council house. There are metal bars across the windows… I have to admit my first thought was “oh shit what am I doing!” hahahaha. In daylight though i realised the area is actually very friendly, I don´t feel at all in danger. Mama Doris´house is a bit run down looking but very cosy, and i felt instantly at home. I share the bathroom with about 10 cobwebs, and last night i shared my bed with a huge cockroach with wings. I ran out screaming to Mama Doris, she nearly died of laughter when she saw the size of my “enormous” cockroach. She was like “ES PEQUEÑITA JAJAJA” then whipped off her flipflop and beat it to a pulp. Then took the dead cockroach out to all the people she was feeding at the time and they all had a good laugh. Then an argument kicked off because one of the lodgers thought she shouldn´t have killed it. The latino temperament 😛

I had my first shower yesterday… it was quite the experience. There was no hot water and the water stank of rotting eggs. I have never kept my mouth so tightly shut in a shower before for fear of doing a “Charlotte” from sex and the city hahaha. Despite all that I actually felt very refreshed after, maybe cold showers aren´t so bad after all 😛 The food has been no problem so far… no guinea pig. They don´t really eat it on the coast. I´ve been having usually some kind of meat (that i have no idea what it is) with rice, and some kind of runny vegetable paste with lumps (that i´ve no idea what it is). I´ve been big and brave though and eaten everything, it all looks a bit scary but so far it has all tasted absolutely delicious! I´m just hoping and praying i dont get diarrhea because Mama Doris toilet… well it don´t flush so good. You can´t put toilet paper down it, so there is a bin next to the loo full of pooey tissues. I have never washed my hands so thoroughly and so often hahaha.

Mama Doris is lovely, and there are photos of her in the house from when she was younger. She was stunning! She´s doesn´t have a husband, but she has two sons who still live at home. They´re both really friendly and have shown me around the town, they escort me everywhere until I´ve learnt my way 😛 but tomorrow another volunteer is coming… YAY 😀 so then I can look around the town with her. I´ve really surprised myself with how at home I feel in Mama Doris´house given how different it is to living at home, you don´t need money to fill a house with love 😀