La Jovencita…

That´s my new name out here 😛 Everybody asks me “¿Cuantos años tienes?” and when I give them the answer its a sharp drawing of breath and “Ai, ai, eres jovencita” Translates kind of as little young thing 😀

Everyone has been so lovely to me so far. I love them all! Everything is so different out here culture wise, I just don´t even know where to begin. I guess the things that have struck me most so far are:

-the “just for gags” candid camera shows. They play them everywhere, the airplane, the bank… they just can´t get enough, and everyones laughs along. It´s such a great atmosphere!

– I take the collectivo to the nursery every morning. It´s basically a  shared taxi that people hail even when someone is in it, everyone just piles in and pays their sol (equivalent of about 3op). The most i´ve had so far have been seven in a car… the driver, then two people in the front seat, and four people on three seats in the back, plus a baby. People sit on each others laps when they´ve never met. Then we go swerving about the road like mad men trying to avoid the dogs and people that run out infront of us. It´s really fun hahaha! Although the Peruvians do get their chuckles when i scream and grip the seat… that was only once though, we nearly hit a bus it was completely justified but they weren´t even phased!

– Mama Doris´ house is plastered with religious images of Jesus, except the bathroom which is plastered with images of naked porn stars. Its also not uncommon to see sex scenes on TV in the middle of the day… but when i told Doris i didn´t go to Church she seemed very taken aback 😛

– Mama Doris feeds everyone and everything. People just knock on the door and she feeds them. Not poor people or anything, just University students haha, it´s so bizarre!

– The nursery where I work is in an area near the beach. Its literally a breeze block square room with a corrugated iron roof and plastic sheets covering the walls. The roads are just dirt, and there is rubbish and stray dogs everywhere. The children are adorable though, and so are the nursery mamas! I will write in more detail about them at another time. My internet time is up!

I love it here!!! 😀