Dazed and Confused

The past few days have been rather a rollercoaster for both of us 😛 I think the pace of the walking finally started to get to us… it´s easy to forget sometimes that our bodies aren´t used to this level of excercise. We have walked over 100km in one week; rather a step up from the 100m to Le Gros Franck and back 🙂

Mark got a bit of a fever, much to my concern 🙁 I was all a tither and didn´t quite know what to do with myself. Mark was bright red and sweat was literally pouring off him. I couldn´t stop crying fearing that we might have to cut ourselves short and come home. Luckily we´ve met quite a few good fellow pilgrims along the way, so we were never completely alone; just left feeling a little dispirited and, on both our parts, a little dazed and confused. I´m sure the 12(!!) mosquito bites on Mark´s head were´nt helping either. Haha, both of us also got mega paranoid after hearing tales from fellow pilgrims about waking up covered in 100s of bed bugs :S Which, when added to the levels of snoring in some of the dorms, has resulted in neither of us getting much sleep.

Upon much advice we have taken the bus two days ahead to Santo Domingo de Calza, along with new friends Caroline and Emily from Canada. We´re staying a few nights in a private room, with an actual bathtub. The decorating looks like it hasn´t been changed since the 70´s, but we´re just happy to get some sleep. Not too expensive either at €70 for two nights. I think we´re both starting to perk up a bit, and will certainly be more aware in the future of not pushing ourselves too far. Having a set date to finish by has made us both a little bit stressed 🙁

We are both missing our friends, family and home alot 😛 But not to worry, we´ll be just fine; we´re both looking after each other. I´m sure after two days real rest we shall be fit as fiddles and enjoying ourselves fully once more 😀