Update 30th Sept

Looking around Bilbao

Written by Emily (Mark can´t remember what we did hahaha)

We woke up early, around about 8am. Took advantage of what may well be our last ever consistently hot shower, then headed off. We followed the river around the city, with me constantly pestering Mark to pose for photos (not at all to his amusement), after a little encouragement to lighten up, and a little advice from Mark to try and take photos ‘au naturel’ everything was fine 😀 We then passed the modern art bridge which Mark thought was “a complete waste of money and resources… I mean, it´s all bent!”; next up was the Guggenheim which Mark thought was “hmm(frown)… (excited smile) actually, it´s not that bad… like a big rock” After a nice breakfast in a cafe we both cheered up a bit (although Mark´s apprecition of the bent bridge never surfaced).

A stroll along the river to the bus station followed. Then a rather boring bus journey to Pamplona (not that I would know as I slept the whole way). From there it was on to Roncevalles, the start of our walking. I´ve never seen so many Pilgrims in a bus station before 😛 I started to feel a bit intimidated and just a mediocre person in walking gear… not quite a true Pilgrim.

Roncevalles and the Albergue were absolutely beautiful! The atmosphere was so lovely. After settling in we headed up to the restaurant for our first pilgrims meal… trout, complete with head and eyes! Which i never would have touched at home but tucked into quite happily. Then a good-ish nights sleep with 50 or so other pilgrims 😀