Update, 2nd Oct

Larrasoana- Pamplona 19.5 km

We woke up around 6.30, both incredibly hungry and desperate for a wee (the toilets were in a portacabin outside and neither of us could be bothered to go in the dark :P). Being hungry was rather more of a surprise given our enormous three course meal the night before. The morning was not very enjoyable, as I lost my digital camera; came to the conclusion it had been stolen, and proceeded to be very tearful for the rest of the morning. After having breakfast with Kevin and Joe, and rather embarassingly crying through most of it, Kevin suggested giving my bag a thorough search. So after they´d gone I took out the top bag of my rucksack, opened it, and there it was! I´d looked in that bag four times, and it was the top one of my rucksack which I´d had out during breakfast. Another trick, magical fairies, or me being a blind idiot… who will ever know; all that mattered was I had my camera back, and I could get back to being snap-happy. A now much wiser “Macro-Maverick”, one who doesn´t ever leave her camera lying on a bed under her trousers.

Today´s walking was a bit less enjoyable as my feet were rather sore from yesterday. Luckily though the route was much shorter and we were in Pamplona before we knew it. Which was lucky as we ran out of food and were both absolutely starving. The views were still incredible and many a picture was taken 😀

Tonight is another lovely alberuge in the centre of Pamplona, Mark and I are saving some money and having another picnic instead of eating out. We´re both relaxed, happy and enjoying ourselves. (More than I ever thought would be possible when my legs ache this much, haha).

Next update and piccies coming soon when we get to another internet cafe.

(Apologies for the abrupt finish, my time is running out haha)