Update 29th Sept

Flying out date.

Written by Emily.

First off, thank you very much to Ronnie and Ashley for waking up at 4am to give us a lift to Stansted 🙂 Even though I was a bit too nervous to appreciate it at the time, rather just sat in the back looking a bit pale.

Everything went very smoothly at the airport, I calmed down and settled into things a bit more; dare I say even got a little excited. That is until we boarded the plane 😛 There was a rather dodgy sounding noise and a vibration, then everything went quiet. Cue: me thinking we’re all going to die. Some guys came to check out the plane; half an hour later everybody was taken off the plane due to a “serious techinical fault”. Worked out for the best in the end though, a five hour delay and 6 pounds each to spend on food 😀 (which, in case you’re wondering, buys 4 millies cookies and a milkshake; as you can tell we take our walking diet very seriously) . OH, and I nearly forgot braintrainer! (Emily´s effortlessly cool puzzle book) <- Mark is just jealous because i was faster than him. We flew with Titan Airways in the end, who were amazing! The flight was so fast and they gave us free sweets 😛

After successfuly getting the bus into Bilbao, we found our way to Tourist Info. Then went to Pension Bilbao where we spent the night in lovely room with some really nice views 🙂 It was right in the heart of the old city, so we took a look around until we got tired. Had a nice little picnic in the room and then fell fast asleep by 9pm, not after I’d had a little ‘what on earth am I doing walking 800km panic’.

(May I just add that i was very proud of myself for ordering the hotel room in Spanish and speaking not a word of English for the whole process 😛 Mark said it was “like watching somebody do magic… but real!” hahaha.)

So that was the end of our first, very successful day 😀