Update 1st Oct

First Days Walking:

Roncevalles- Larrasoana 26.9km

Written by Emily (as I think most of these posts will be, Mark is so enthralled by everything he finds summarising the day too constraining 😛 Having written a diary since the age of 11 it´s something which comes easier to me. So i guess this is my job; but he´s sitting next to me… you know, desperate to correct my grammar, and bursting with energy… as usual 😀 )

OK, so first days walking.

We woke up rather like rabbits trapped in headlights when the lights were switched on at 6:30. Rather a shock to the system. Got dressed and packed then tried to find some breakfast. Which in the end came from a vending machine. Which gave us 3 cookies instead of one 😛 Kept us going for the day anyway. Then after bickering about which way to go we finally settled on just following the other pilgrims 😛 Which lead us to our first of many amazing forests… where we took a wrong turn, basically ending up back in Roncevalles 😛 Undeterred we carried on and made it to our first village, Burguete. Which, like every other stop at a village along the way, involved the eating of cakes and chocolate hehe.

The views from everywhere were absolutely breathtaking; rolling mountains, forests, clouds, flowers, sheep; everything. I went snap-happy with the camera, especially loving my Super Macro setting. (Mark has given me the nickname “Macro-Maverick”, and after Mark bought a wooden staff in Viscarret he is now known as “Mustaffa”) Mark and I were like excited little children the whole way. We barely even noticed we were walking until we reached Zubiri, 22km in. At which point we pushed ourselves, further than was probably necessary, to make it to Larrasoana. Dad said Zubiri was a dump and we wanted our first night after walking to be a good one. We eventually made it, very tired, to Larrasoana which was worth it, the village was lovely!

There we met Kevin and Joe, a father-son duo from Newquay, a very characterful pair.  Who we ate dinner with; Kevin proceeded to play many a prank on me… much to everyone´s amusement, including mine haha. It was a lovely, relaxed evening in perfect Camino spirit. Followed by a desperately needed sleep in the albergue 🙂