Happy Belated Father's Day

Dad is a massive fan of all things ginger… so for Father’s Day I made a Sticky Ginger Loaf. Had a few problems with mouldy hard sugar and no pecan nuts, but managed to pull a few things together and this was the outcome 😀 Could have done with a bit more ginger, but overall very scrummy. 

Except after Dad got his hands on it there’s less than half left 😛 Sally had better come quick!

I am in LOVE with my new shoes.

I bought them from Irregular Choice… who, I have now decided, are one of the coolest companies ever 😀 

I went to collect them today as my treat after a very hard day yesterday… two exams, and four essays in total! Think they went OK though 😛

So here they are! Look how cool the soles and packaging are!!

I want to wear them all day… everyday 😛

A bedtime break before exams…

I’m trying to take my mind of my exams/impending doom ( 😛 ) a little bit, and starting to day dream about my ball! 😀

I’ve got my dress, but I need some help from all the women that read my blog about which shoes to get, I’ve no idea.

Here’s the dress… so you get an idea of the colour and style (they’ve taken the dress off the website, fingers crossed that means nobody else will have it 😛 ):

Ok now here’s some of the shoes I like 😛 I want practical ones that I can dance in…

I’m not sure whether any of them are perfect 🙁 all I could find though.